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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Backpack Baggage

My plan is to post from my Droid using free WiFi along the route. So this post is brought to you today via my phone.  In theory this should work albeit tedious and slow to write this way. I'm guessing posts will be more stream of consciousness style rather than a more well-composed prose. For one thing it will contain a ton of typos and grammatical blunders. I appologize in advance for making you work harder than necessary for comprehension.

I wanted to share a pic of my pack weighting in at a whopping 18 lbs when loaded with two liters of water. My climbing friends will chuckle at how ridiculously light that is (How much was my pack up Mt Baker? 43 lbs!) Here's a link to my Google Doc spread sheet if you're interested in seeing what I'm bringing: LK's Camino Gear List

Keep in mind I will be walking 500 miles, so my pack needs to be pretty light. I'm happy to report I have decided to leave my sleeping bag (1 lb, 6 oz) behind in favor of a sleeping bag iner (5 oz), which is how I got my pack so light. Again, climbing friends who have seen me climb with multiple jackets may think it unwise of me, but I will trust that everything is in play and will come at pivotal points. Foregoing the bag has metaphorical significance for me.

So here it is my first mobile blog. Crossing my fingers this will work in Spain.


  1. Lori,

    I'm so anxious to read your posts on this journey. I have always wanted to do a walking trip like this and have read several books about other peoples walking journeys. I'll be thinking of you everyday as I enjoy your wonderful writing. Thank you for sharing!!

    I'd like to hike across the Alps...that's my journey.

  2. Believe me everyone... many many hours spent on every single item in Lori's pack! The decision for not bringing the sleeping bag was a one of Lori's first fears to overcome! You go girl!!!