Credencial de Peregrino: A pilgrim's passport.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Estella to Los Arcos

We started our day listening to Bob Marley. The words were inspiring to us pilgrims, "Is this love that I´m feeling?" and many were humming the tune in different laguages--including Korean. We had a reprive from the sun today: high overcast with some mist and cool breezes. It was hilarious that as soon as the mist started, all of the pilgrims pulled out their ponchos. Heidi and I laughed in our shirt sleeves as we welcomed the cooler weather. Hiking in a ponch is like wearing a plastic bag, so I couldn´t understand why anyone would want to wear it for so little rain. We caught up to Livio from Italy--wearing his poncho, of course and carrying an umbrella.

I walked all day with a blister, but surprising not feeling as bad as it looks. For all you mother hens out there, don´t worry we´re doing okay.

We walked along some quiet back country trails for most of the day. Heidi and I spent most of the day talking about all the happy things we could remember about Anthony. I did not make this journey to purge Anthony from my memory, but rather to purge the grief and to make peace with the idea that my relationship with him died when he died. That is not to say that I will not continue to remember my relationship with him, I will always carry Anthony in my heart. All the memories I had today were happy ones thanks to Heidi.

We arrrived at Los Arcos around 1 pm just as the heat was starting, but prior to the rain. I´m having trouble finding a shop to reload my phone credit and a place to take out cash. Right now, I am completely out of euros. I had to rely on the kindness of a new Italian friend, Dimitri, to buy dinner. Somehow, needs get provided for on the Camino. Tomorrow I should be in Logrono 28 km from here. It´s a bigger town where I should be able to get cash and phone credt.

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