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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Larrasoaña to Cizur Menor

We walked along the rio Arga for most of the day, which gave plenty of time to think about Anthony. The river was strong and alive in places, quiet and still in others. When the water was rushing along so full of life is when I thought about Anthony rock climbing, mountaineering, and biking. When the river got quiet is when the tears would come. I walked alone for much of the morning alternating smiles and tears.

After the first few days of feeling strong, I thought this Camino will be a piece of cake physically. But, then the pain started. I have two blisters, but they are not excruciating. It is my ankle bone that has been severely bruised by my boot. I couldn´t continue in my boots and had to switch to my shower sandals...not ideal. Heidi and I must both be on the same page as she had to buy new shoes in Pamplona. We made to Cizur Menor in good time after fixing our feet by the side of the road.

I started this journey thinking I was fully in control in preparation and outcome. I´m finding that we can start a journey with certain intentions but they necessariily change each day when faced with new information. Exceptional things happen that we cannot plan for. I thought this journey was about me and Anthony, but he is not here. So, it is most definitely about me. And, others have joined my journey and my intentions have grown to include them too.

Pilgrims are  a friendly group. We celebrated a birthday dinner with Tanja from Slovenia who just turned 26 years old today. Dinner was mediocre fare, but we expect good food to come. We ran into "old" friends Tony and Eve at dinner, where Tony recommended I buy some cream for my sore ankle. Some of the frequent pilgrims we run into are from Korea. There is one Korean who is capturing pilgrims dreams about the Camino. He plans to draw these pilgrim dreams and lugs a portfolio all the way to Santiago in order to do so.

I went to bed humbled by the unexpected pain I am experiencing. The body and spirit are very strong right now. The pain will pass. I have faith.

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