Credencial de Peregrino: A pilgrim's passport.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Los Arcos to Logroño

Today was the longest stage so far: 28km. We walked through open countryside filled with vineyards and fields. Luckily it was a bit overcast and cool because there was not much shade along the route. As last night, we had no money to each, but we were able to scrounge up some money for coffee. After about an hour and half of walking, as our stomaches started to complain, we remembered our trail mix that we bought yesterday morning.

Midway along today´s journey, I had to perform a minor surgery on my foot. Against the advice of my doctor I decided to sterilize a sewing needle and thread it threw my blister leaving the thread hanging out. Introducing a foreign body isn´t the best idea, but it  is a traditional Camino cure. The thread is still there right now as the blister drains.

There are many more walking wounded along the trail than Heidi and me. I tend to be a bit competitive in general. I like being fast, but I´ve learned on the Camino that the fastest person is often the one in the least pain. You never know how much pain someone is in; how hard it is for them to take the next step. I have met so many with pulled muscles, tendons, blisters, arthritis. And, yet they are still walking everyday!

Today, my feet allowed me to walk a faster pace. It felt good to stretch my legs and let the road dictate the pace. I was soon out ahead and caught up to a man named Santiago. Santiago is from Madrid and didn´t speak English. Somehow, we were able to communicate about the important things in life--not just chit chat. Big topics about life and death, love and surrender. The Camino is good for these topics.

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