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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Puente La Reina to Estella

My ankle is feeling a bit better--I was able to lace my boot today. Minor victory. I have developed a few more serious blisters. One on the bottom of my foot that hurts with each step. Antother on the top of my big toe with is open and bloody. A kind Spanish man has offered to help tend my wounds. Luckily, Heidi´s blisters are starting to mend and she hasn´t developed any new ones since we got her new shoes in Pamplona a few days ago.

Speaking of blisters, this is a common topic of conversation amoung us pilgrims. Many opening lines are "how are your feet?" We have begun to bond over our shared suffering. We are starting to learn each other´s names and stories. There is Won Ho the Korean artist who is painting pìlgrims dreams. There are Tony and Eve from Yorkshire. Filippe and Elianora the Italian couple who are on their honeymoon, Liv from the Netherlands who told us a funny story about getting food poisoning and then having an accident in the back of a cop car in Greece once (glad to know her name now instead of calling her "The lady that pooped in the cop car").

Most pilgrims at this stage of the journey are limping around, in pain. Many are worse off than I am. I feel sorry for them as they try to manage their pain. All of us are walking around in bare feet trying to drain out and dry our blisters. Wish us luck.

Many of us sleep in the same dorm. Many snore. Some rustle around at 4 am. Getting to know people when they are tired, hot, sunburned, thirsty, in pain, discouraged is a quick way oflearning what kind of a person they are. People can endure a lot. I have learned that I can endure a lot of pain. I can also do way more than I ever thought possible. That is a very good lesson to learn indeed; although, I´m hoping some of the pain will end soon.

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