Credencial de Peregrino: A pilgrim's passport.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Roncesvalles to Larrasoana

After such a strenuous day yesterday, I was expecting to be stiff and sore when I woke up. I was surprised to find that I felt fantastic. No sore muscles, no stiffness. I did have the beginings of a few blisters, but not hurting too terribly. I must have hit the sweet spot of training, fitness and enthusiasm to have avoided the dreaded first day Camino suffering and pain.

The hike today was much cooler and through terrain very similar in Washington State, so I felt right at home as my boots hit the uneven ground over rocks and tree roots. We passed many rivers on our route. Each river made me think about Anthony. As I would cross the bridge I would yell out his name to Heidi and we would both smile. There are so many beautiful medieval bridges here. Weary pilgrims must have been so thankful to have a bridge to cross over the river on their journey. Heidi and I spend a lot of time talking about many things. It´s good to have the time for reflection and conversation.

We had several fun stops along the walk. Mid-morning coffee. A cold soak in the stream for tired feet in Zubiri. An Internet session for catching up. Finally, dinner at a fabulous hotel in Larrasoana called Hotel Akerreta. We met several nice folks whom we dined with on local lamb and wine. A very good day indeed!

Tomorrow, I should be in Pamplona where I plan to get a Spanish SIM card for my tele. I´ll post my phone number in case anyone needs to reach me in emergency.

Distance: 27 km

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