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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Burgos to Hornillos to Catrojeriz

Leaving Burgos on Tuesday, June 7 was the first time on my own. As I worked my way out of the concrete jungle, I ran into three young pilgrims who were quite hungover from the night before. They didn´t offer much in the way of stimulating conversation plus they were slow, so I soon left them behind. Leaving a larger city on the Camino can be a challenge, but I was soon out in the wheat fields again. One thing I have noticed about the wheat fields are the wild poppies that pop up in amongst the wheat. Such beauty.

After a short time alone, I began walking with a woman named Kris from Pamplona. She didn´t speak English, so I was forced to speak to her in Spanish. It never ceases to amaze me how rich conversations can be when I am limited to the vocabulary of a three-year-old child. We talked about life, death, and love. I told her that June 7 marked four months after Anthony died. Difficult concepts to convey, but she understood in a profound way and we were soon hugging on the Camino.

After waking in new shoes for 20 km, my feet had it. I stopped in a small town called Hornillos with only a restaraunt and an albergue. No blogging for the night. It was nice to have dinner with two new friends, Rino and Zsolt. Zsolt is 26 years old and from Hungary. He reminds me so much of my baby brother that I began to call him my Camino brother. I wish I could post a picture of us together so you could see that we even look alike.

After a good night sleep, perhaps a bit too much wine the night before, I left Hornillos this morning at 7 am. It was cold and threatening to rain. It was also a fairly lonely walk; although, I would run across pilgrims I know every once in awhile. My constant companions were the many song birds that serenade the Camino. Some of the voices I recognized; some new. All had beautifully complex songs that I imagined were love songs.

While walking alone today, I thought about how everything is how it is supposed to be. I don´t need to worry, it´s all good. The sun will rise tomorrow. I will continue to walk forward.

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