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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Carrion de los Condes to Terradillos

We meet people for a reason. I met Ralph from Holland the first week on the Camino. He is young..about 30 years old. We have been very pleasant to each other, but it wasn´t until today that we walked the entire day together...getting to know each other more deeply. As I told him my story, he was very moved. It wasn´t until I shared Anthony´s last week, day, hour, minute, second that he finally opened up to me. He has a family friend who is dying of cancer at this moment. It became very clear to me that sharing Anthony´s passing was a huge comfort for him. We shared plenty of tears today. And also some laughs. We marveled at how we have been running into each other on and off, but it wasn´t until we needed each other that we paired up for the Camino. I was so happy to share with him. And, in sharing I feel like I was blessed to connect on a deeper level with someone who is hurting and in need of compassion.

Today marks the half way point to Santiago. I feel like celebrating tonight with some friends who are in the same albergue as me. We will take dinner and wine together and connect.

Maybe you are following the blister saga. I´m not sure how it is possible to get so many blisters in one trip, but I have them. I met an old Spanish man today who decided to rip the skin off my blisters in order to let them air out. I can´t say that it hurt any more than having the blister does. Usually, I´m good for 20 km without much pain, but it is the last 7 km that get me each day.

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