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Friday, June 10, 2011

Castrojeriz to Fromista to Carrion de los Condes

Leaving Castrojeriz, I had a short steep climb out of town. After my foot infection that woke me up in the middle of the night I wasn´t sure I would be able to walk. Miraculously, the infection was gone after I soaked it in cold water, elevated it, and put more Betadine gel than necessary on it. In the dark, in pain and almost in tears, I was not really alone. My virtual Camino angel was able to reassure me.

Alone with my thoughts...just listening without judgement or comment on what I observe. Difficult to maintain. It is almost like prayer, meditation. But what do I hear? Always the birds encouraging me on. My footsteps on the path; a sign that I am ready to move forward. My breath--rhythmic and strong--as I exist in that exact moment. Then, I hear the gentle breeze moving the wheat reasurring me that everything is as it should be. I do not need to struggle against it.

Later, I ate lunch by myself in a little town, Boadilla next to the church. I recognized many pilgrims including the Norwegian woman from the first day, Liv. After lunch, or always after stopping, it is hard to get started again. The foot pain is really bad. But then, I swing back into the rhythm of the road.

Next day. Short day of 20 km. After walking alone yesterday, I was happy to partner up with a fellow pilgrim--my Camino brother, Zsolt. The road today was brutal and souless. Miles of asphalt and paths running along the highway. I was happy to have a companion for this boring part of the Camino, as listening and observing was out of the question with the traffic.

Today, I received a new blister. I am used to these unwelcome visitors. I know how to treat it, so hopefully it won´t stay long. I´m in a lovely albergue run by Augustinian nuns--gracious and loving. The hostel has a kitchen so me and my little bro prepared a feast, which we devoured eagerly and shared with others. This is part of the Camino: sharing what you have.

Tomorrow is my half way point. Only 395.3 km to go!

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