Credencial de Peregrino: A pilgrim's passport.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mazarife to Astorga

Today was the longest walk by far: 30 km. It´s the last kilometers that kill the feet and the spirit, for sure. I started out feeling fantastic. Walked for most of the day by myself, but met up with friends and new folks along the way. By the end of a long, hot day I was feeling ready to quit walking, but Astorga was still 6.5 km away. Luckily, I met up with a familiar pilgrim who shuffled into town with me whistling and singing to keep our mind off our feet. We got into Astorga at 3 pm -- a full 8 hours of walking.

Back in Leon, there was a new wave of fresh pilgrims that joined the Camino. New packs, clean boots, bright-eyed and without blisters yet. I watched them marching forward thinking, "Just you wait until you get your first blister."

I haven´t been doing much sight seeing here, but the cathedral and building designed by Gaudi are interesting draws. Even though I didn´t want to spend a single second more on my feet, I ventured out to view these two intersesting buildings.

We had a working kitchen here in Astorga, so decided to cook for ourselves tonight. Dinner tastes better when shared with friends after a long day of walking.

Tomorrow, I will be walking only 20 km. I´m looking forward to an easier day than today.


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  2. LoriLu, I love reading your blog. I feel like I'm right with you on your adventure for your words are so amazing. I had dinner with a friend tonight and told her about your blog and your journey, so I shared your link. I look forward to reading more, and of course...seeing you when you return home to hear all about it in person!

  3. We love being with you on Journey....amazing, our feet have empathy and we send healing prayers to yours.
    Thank you for sharing this most critical time on the planet with us.
    xoxxoGale, Tony and Tully