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Monday, June 27, 2011

Melide to Arca

Tim and I are now in the land of seafood! In fact, this area is famous for its pulpo--boiled octopus drizzled with generous amounts of olive oil then finished with kosher salt and saffron. I definitely like this dish, but in small quantities.

It is so nice to have Tim here because he speaks Spanish so well, but my Spanish has suffered since he tends to do more of the talking. Interesting how I have become a bit more quiet and self conscious with a more proficient speaker around.Altough, I have to admit that the speakers in Galicia speak Galego, wihich is not so easy to understand even for Tim.

The heat continues to be a plague. After spending the afternoon heat napping in a park and watching the town fiesta of San Juan yesterday, we opted to walk in the cool of the evening for another 15 km. There are so few pilgrims that actually walk in the evening that we had the whole Camino to ourselves practically. It was definitely a switch from the throngs of new walkers and bus loads of Spanish school kids who are doing the last 100 km.

This morning treated us to a cool breeze, which made walking in the heat much easier than the last two days. Even so, we didn´t have far to walk to get to Arca, a town just 20 km away from Santiago. I must admit that the count-down mentality when I first started this journey has definitely changed. I am no longer so focused on reaching Santiago. I will rejoice when I reach the cathedral. I may even cry and fall down on my knees to give thanks to God; however, my plan is to avoid the throngs of turists and to visit a smaller church to give my thanks for a safe journey, for my past with Anthony, for the blessings of the Camino, and for my current joy. The following morning, I plan to visit the Cathedral of Santiago without the crowds of pilgrims for a quiet moment to give thanks for this journey called life.

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