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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Molinaseca to Villafranca

After yesterday´s news about the death of a pilgrim, I decided to walk with Enrique to support him. We had a long journey in front of us--30 km--but, the day turned out to be fantastic. Most of the walking was on sidewalks, but I am okay with fewer rocks while walking in my flip flops (I´m back to walking in the shower shoes). Enrique knew about several secret places that most pilgrims don´t, so it was a treat to be with a local who was in the know. For example, in Cacabelos, we stopped in a beautiful hotel around noon that showered us with empanadas and vino tinto free of charge just because we are pilgrims. We also took a detour to the work site of the sculpter who is working on sculptures for La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Since it was Sunday, he wasn´t working on the sculptures, but we were able to view them up close. Very cool.

I´m now in Villafranca, which is a beautiful town. There are at least four churches here and one castle built by the Knights Templar circa 1200. Tomorrow I plan to walk another 30 km, if my feet will allow it. We shall see. It was quite hot today--about 27 degrees celesius, and I got a bit burned. This was a change from the mountains yesterday where it was 3 degrees--colder still with the wind chill.

It is hard to belive, but I only have about 180 km to go before I reach Santiago.

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