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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Santo Domingo to Belorado to St. Juan to Burgos

It´s been a few days since I had opportunity to blog. Currently, we are in Burgos after a wonderful walk. We are about to explore the city with a local, so it should be interesting. I plan on staying to rest one day here.

Yesterday, we arrived in to the town of San Juan during the height of a street party. It was the feast of San Juan and the entire town was in the streets. There were not many amenities so we went to bed without much to eat. We did; however, receive a pilgrim´s blessing in the church. I am hoping this blessing will cure my blister, but so far it has grown after today´s walk. I am feeling a bit like Job, here.

We met another Camino angel today: Jose. He is a cyclist who lives here in Burgos, and decided to stop his ride to show us a much more pleasant entry into Burgos than the highway. While many other pilgrims followed the standard route--10 km of pavement--Heidi and I were treated to a shaded walk along the river. I found out later today that many pilgrims hated the pavement route so much they actually took the bus into Burgos. What a treat to walk such a beatiful route.

Many of the pilgrims we meet are walking with all sorts of burdens and baggage. I´m not just talking about all the overweight packs filled with "essentials". We seem to need to classify and label each other. I´ve been called The American, the widow, the smiling girl, guapa. As I meet folks on the road, I am making an earnest effort to get to know them beyond the labels. To be present with them at that moment. When they ask me who I am, I tell them I am spiritual being on a human journey. And, I try to remember that when we meet someone it is a holy encounter. And, as I see them I will see myself.

Buen Camino.

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