Credencial de Peregrino: A pilgrim's passport.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Triacastella to Sarria to Portomarin to Melide

Once I arrived in Sarria, everything changed. For one, I am now joined by a friend from Seattle which has been great. But, Sarria is also where many more new pilgrims start their Camino in order to get the Compostela (certificate of completion given by the church) in Santiago. The route has become much more crowded with these new pilgrims.

In an effort to be more welcoming of them, I have been trying not to get into the mentality that I need to get up early, rush to the next city in order to beat them to the beds. I admit, there is this sensation among many of the pilgrims that have been walking with me for 31 days now to do this.

Things change.

The weather has become unbearable hot--almost 100 degress, and we refused to push it to the next appointed town just to stay on schedule. Tim has been a great companion for slowing down and walking in a relaxed manner. Coupled with the heat and the competition for beds, we opted for returning to a bigger town even though we had walked further in the afternoon heat.

As I approach Santiago--only 48 km to go--I am feeling like I am not quite ready to for this fantastic journey to end. As my new friend Endika who has walked the Camino 41 times told me, our journey really begins once we reach Santiago.

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